Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saturday's Tour de Flood Talks Climate Change and Extreme Weather

This just came in. It's not exactly for Bike Month, but it's great addition to the schedule. And it sounds like a good way to learn more about the ways human activity affects climate and weather.

Remember the flood?
On Saturday the Tour de Flood will visit several locations affected by the January flooding of Mill Creek and the Willamette River.

From the email announcement:
Tour de Flood
Climate Change Impacts Day
Saturday May 5, 2012
Bike / Hike to raise awareness of climate change impacts
Bike: 11 am Riverfront Park Carousel
Hike: 12 noon Winter & Bellevue Streets

Contact: Laurie Dougherty

"It's time to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather." This is the theme of the global Climate Impacts Day called by for Saturday May 5, 2012. More flooding is one of the impacts predicted for climate change and Salem certainly doesn't need more floods like the one in January.

Bicyclists will leave at 11 am from the Riverfront Park Carousel to connect the dots on the Salem map of several places affected by the January 2012 flood:

-- Wallace Marine Park in West Salem where people were rescued by boat;
-- Winter & Bellevue Streets at Salem Hospital where the street is still closed from flood damage;
-- 21st & State Streets in a neighborhood that was underwater for several blocks;
-- North Salem HS where the athletic field was flooded

People who don't want to bike will meet the bike tour at 12 noon at Winter and Bellevue Streets and then continue on a short in-town hike.

This is the inaugural event for the Occupy Salem Oregon bicycle group. Everyone is welcome to join in and to be creative in showing the dangers we face with climate change: decorate bicycles; bring life jackets, umbrellas, swimming tubes, fishing gear; make signs that inform & inspire.


Curt said...

Great idea but the Awesome 3000 is also Sunday which mean 2 things... 1. Many won't get to participate and 2. many won't see the riders. I sure they will be having tons of fun though!

Laurie Dougherty said...

Hello Curt, I only moved to Salem last fall from Massachusetts and kept wondering about those Awesome 3000 signs around town. Finally looked it up. Great event. picked the May 5 date for climate change actions all over tbe world and the Tour de Flood is aligned with that initiative. We'll be very close to Bush Park at one point. Maybe we can swing by there.
Thanks to you and Breakfast on Bikes for tbe Good Word
Laurie Dougherty

Curt said...

Welcome to town Laurie! Thanks for putting together this event. Gilmore Field near the corner of Hoyt and Berry St. was the site of another flood event that caused considerable damage to several homes. If your add that to your itinerary you can take the Berry St. bikeway past Bush park on your way to Winter St. and Bellevue. Right past all the Awesome 3000 participants. You will be hard pressed to find a bigger audience than that in Salem. Good luck!

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Thanks for the info on the Awesome, Curt! And welcome, too, to town, Laurie. Keep us posted about additional bike rides you and others organize!