Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breakfast on Bikes Friday - Bike Plan, Changes, Volunteer Opportunities

On the Promenade
Fall! Dark, Changes, and Turning Leaves!

As we get ready for the bike commute and fast lane challenges, as well as the opening of ODOT's remodeled Transportation Building, we're also going to celebrate the retirement of Doug, Chief Breakfast on Bikes Coffee Man and Advocate Extraordinary!

Doug on Bike Plan
On Friday come to B on B at 12th & Chemeketa and say thanks and good-bye to Doug as he passes the baton! Thank him for all the great work he's done in Salem for bicycling - and find out what's next for him.

We will be on the Promenade just east of the railroad tracks on Friday, August 31st. We'll have free coffee, pastries, and fruit for people who bike between 7am and 9am.

And if you'd like to join the B on B crew, we're in need of new volunteers.  There are a couple of roles to fill! (And maybe you've got more ideas on improving bicycling in Salem!)

Glowing Elevator Pod
at the T-Building
Coffee: Gary's volunteered to pick up some of the coffee task, but he needs someone to share it with! Hauling the trailer, pickup and dropoff, and washing the cups are the main parts. 

Social Media Ambassador: There's an opportunity for someone who uses Facebook regularly to crosspost and network B on B and other announcements to bike-friendly businesses, clubs, and other groups or individuals.

If you're interested email salembikes [at] gmail [dot] com and come to B on B!

Also!  If you haven't commented on the new Bike Plan, Salem City Council held open the hearing, and there's still time to support it!

Really, there's really nothing more important for Salem bicycling.

Please email City Council at Citycouncil@cityofsalem.net or come to the meeting at 6:30pm in Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday, September 10th.

Please support our generous sponsors!
Cascade Baking Company
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Salem Bicycle Club
Willamette University.

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