Monday, June 17, 2013

2 Crosswalks, 2 Driveways, 1 Set of Rails: The Epic Journey Down McGilchrist to the SSA Office

10 truncated dome bump pads.

You know those bumpy red things at the edge of every crosswalk now? They signal to blind people and others that there's an important, even lethal, transition in the roadway ahead.

As part of the desperately needed somethings, 10 of them now stand between the bus stop and the new Social Security office.

That's a lot of potentially deadly transitions.

"Horse-pucky" might be another word, mostly suitable for polite company, to describe the situation.  Charlie Foxtrot works pretty well, too.

Really.  How difficult do we want to make it?

Tracks complicate things,
but they aren't the core problem
It's almost like Billy in Family Circus!

The Bus Stop is on the other side of the first crosswalk

Then you cross the tracks, cross a big driveway,
and trek for another block until...

Then the second crosswalk - apparently unmarked?
Watch out for gravel!

Cross the final driveway, and then you're there!
Sure, the sidewalk's an improvement over the nothing that used to be there, but the office needs a new location. This is ludicrous.


Jim Scheppke said...

Great post SBOB!


Anonymous said...

Utter dedication to a fundamentally bad idea is not a virtue...but is usually rewarded in complex organizations.