Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Legislative Update, Week 17 - Dead, dead, dead!

Ha ha ha!  All your good ideas
are but dung to me!
Just like Game of Thrones, practically everything died last week.

See week 12 for longer list of bills that died in committee after the first winnowing - all the rest of 'em died in the second winnowing. Maybe a select few might find a second life in a gut-n-stuff resurrection, but that seems highly unlikely.

Only three bills look remotely active and it's hard to muster much enthusiasm for them.  Click through for hearing information if you find yourself with a sudden passion.

Paying for the Roads
Gambled and Lost!
  • Studded tires.  House Bill 2277 is the survivor! In committee, though, it was watered down from genuine action to a call for the proverbial "further study" on the "impact" of studded tire use. It may have died in committee.
  • House Bill 2453 - "Requires persons operating certain high-mileage motor vehicles to pay per-mile road usage charge or flat annual road usage charge." It's possible this died in committee...anyone know for sure?  
Road Safety
  • HB 3047 would double the length of a motor vehicle license suspension from 10 to 20 years.  
All of this year's legislative updates are tagged 2013 Legislative Session.

If you know of something of interest, or if through inattention and indifference I've missed something, please add it in the comments!


Doug's Transportation Ramblings said...

It's hard to get excited about HB 3047 (or at least it should be). I can't help but wonder if that won't simply result in a doubling of the number of Oregonians convicted of driving suspended or revoked -- already at 40,000 convictions per year. In conjunction with the DA's push to reduce the penalties for criminal driving suspended, I doubt that this will do squat to improve road safety.

Anonymous said...

The SJ is reporting a June 10th hearing on HB 2453 -


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! BikePortland is reporting that SB 260 with bike/ped language for ConnectOregon funds passed both sides!