Monday, June 17, 2013

More Neighborhood Associations to Discuss Giant Bridge and Highway This Week

In response to the eight neighborhood associations that have come out in opposition to the giant bridge and highway, the City is cranking up the propaganda machine, coming back to neighborhoods that have voted to oppose the giant bridge and highway, and tempting them with the blandishments of the "Salem Alternative."

"With our 20 Year Plan we will March into the Future"
International Institute of Social History Collection
Two Neighborhoods This Week to Talk Bridge

The City and Chamber are trying to change this
Be on your guard!  According to an SJ blog post:
Salem Public Works Director Peter Fernandez will be on hand [in West Salem] and presenting information, and Kenji Sugahara, the WSNA chair, said he anticipates that city councilors Dan Clem and Chuck Bennett may also be in attendance.

Sugahara hopes the meeting will provide an opportunity for intelligent discussion on the topic, one in which proponents and opponents can engage in a reasonable dialogue.

“I want to emphasize discussion because both sides have been talking at each other -- like at council (meetings) -- and not with each other,” Sugahara said.

“I want to hear why people are against it: Are they fearful of money? About spending the money and not having the bridges used? I also want to hear the real reasons for people supporting it, instead of just saying ‘it's for the future.’ I'd really like to have that fleshed out. Does it mean revitalizing certain areas? Does it mean more money for developers or more homes?”

"I think this is a much better way to achieve consensus or have people at least agree on some things,” he added.
Tonight, Monday, June 17th
West Salem
7:00 P.M.
Roth’s West, Mezzanine
1130 Wallace Rd NW

Thursday, June 20th
7:00 p.m.
Schirle School, 4875 Justice Way S
(Doors may be locked after the meeting begins. Please knock loudly to gain entrance.)

North State Hospital Redevelopment

Another association will talk about the North State Hospital parcel.

Dome Building on North State Hospital Parcel, South facade
Tuesday, June 18th
Northeast Salem Community Association (NESCA)
7:00 p.m.
Fresh Start Market Community Center
3020 Center Street NE (park on south side)

Not sure about your neighborhood association?  Check the City's guide here.  Links to agenda and minutes are here.

For more on the River Crossing / Third Bridge see a summary critique and all breakfast blog notes tagged River Crossing. The No Third Bridge advocates also have lots of useful information.

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