Saturday, June 22, 2013

Downtown Advisory Board on Thursday to Discuss Bike Corrals for First Wednesday

With Council agenda for Monday being a troublesome topic, here's something happier - a nice way to think of summer!

Earlier this month the bike corral for First Wednesday looked like a fine success.

First Wednesday Bike Corral on Court Street
As several noted, the City is considering doing them officially!

On Thursday, June 27th at noon, the Downtown Advisory Board will consider whether to support the concept.

The board meets in the IT Dept. – Kalapuya Conference Room, at 295 Church St SE, Ste 201.

The board will also be discussing the apartments at Riverfront Park.

After the jump, the time-lapse on the corral if you missed it.

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Curt said...

Which troublesome topic would you be referring to? Bridge trouble or parking trouble? Next year's budget for the parking district has grown to $2.8 mil. Revenue has dropped below $1mil. and the UR subsidy has grown to $1.4mil. Per month spending on downtown parking for next year will be $116,000. That would bring the total UR subsidy on the downtown parking district to $9.4mil.