Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trails Alliance Announces Draft Plans for Park and Trails

Last summer you may remember the Salem Area Trails Alliance held a brainstorming session at Wallace Park.

The pond is a logical feature and center for a park.
A trail could wrap around it.  Folks watch a blue heron in back!
It ended with tracing paper and some sketching...

Pitching ideas and features on tracing paper over the map -
for a lot more than just a pump track!
Yesterday the Alliance announced that Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board had reviewed and endorsed the draft plan! (There's that pond again, with trail along its circumference.)

Salem Area Trail Alliance Draft Map and Plan for Wallace Park
Thanks to
 National Parks Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program
and Sector Environmental Design
There's much, much more to do before building, but the endorsement by the Parks Board is a big step!

Congratulations, SATA!

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