Friday, November 1, 2013

Studded Tires Cause More than $40M in Damage to Roads in Oregon Every Year

Since it will be legal to put on studded tires today, it's time for the annual reminder that studded tires cause over $40 million in unnecessary damage to Oregon roads each year.

(Road Cores: Washington State Department of Transportation)
According to a story from 2011, the Oregon Department of Transportation
encourages drivers to consider other types of traction tires or chains because studded tires cause close to $50 million damage each year on city streets, county roads and state highways, according to the department. About $11 million is spent each year repairing studded tire damage.
Oh, the ironies
As we debate the best uses for limited transportation dollars, isn't the wisest use and conservation of existing pavement a better and more economical solution than new pavement?

(You may remember that House Bills 22772278, and 2397, which would have added fees to offset some the damage studded tires cause, though not enough to equal the damage, died in the Legislature this past session.  Maybe next year?)

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