Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Thanks!

On Sunday out for a walk in the almost-cold late afternoon and early evening, it was great to see a decent crowd on the bridge!

Even on an almost-cold Sunday at sunset, there's still 20 people out
walking on the bridge, momentarily captivated by the passing Queen
Who's gonna use the bridge? they said.

Lots of people and in lots of different ways!

Music, July 2012
Of all the urban bits that fall within the ambit of the blog - an odd triangle at the moment of bicycling, transportation, and buildings - I keep coming back to the bridge, and it might be the thing for which I am most consistently thankful in Salem.

Flood, January 2012
Once built, the Minto bridge will similarly be loved and used.

For what other things in Salem are you thankful?  What do we get right in that polygon of walking, biking, planning, building?

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe as you travel!

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Jim Scheppke said...

I just had a interesting experience that makes me thankful that we have done a halfway decent job of preserving our downtown. I had first-time visitors up from LA and they were really impressed with Salem's downtown. It got me to think about how I tend to dwell on the problems of downtown, and on the losses of great buildings from the past, when I ought to realize that it is still a pretty great place that impresses a lot of first-time visitors.