Saturday, November 9, 2013

NEN-SESNA Neighborhood Plan Project to Look at State Street

State Street just might be the most diverse street in Salem. Is there another place in town where a Church and an Ice Cream plant practically face each other across the street?

Ice Cream Plant and Wood Church at 17th/18th
(And no bike lanes!)
On Tuesday the 12th, Looking Forward, the project with both NEN and SESNA to write a new neighborhood plan, convenes to look specifically at the State Street corridor between approximately 12th and Lancaster.
What is your vision for the corridor? How could it be improved? What type of uses and building designs are desired? Plan to participate in an interactive workshop to help shape the vision for State Street.
The raw materials are a real jumble!  The street's roots go back to the first platting and street grid, and along it you can trace out each phase of development in Salem. It's literally a road through history.

There's one of Salem's only streetcar districts that's not downtown.  This segment of State Street to 25th also lacks bike facilities and connections to downtown.

Vestigial Streetcar Commercial District:  State and 12th
Though there has been a lot of commercial redevelopment, there's still some housing stock, including a few historic gems.

Homes Zoned for Business: Vestigial Housing near 25th
Adolph House (1878) on right - notice similarity to Bush house!
on National Register of Historic Places
Past 25th, the land uses are mostly institutional, dominated by the State.

WPA-era Department of Forestry Building,
on National Register of Historic Places

The Prison of course
Some of the land is essentially fallow.

Empty nothingburger just past Airport Road
I-5 and Lancaster cut across it.

I-5 crossing

Four Corners at Lancaster
The work session is Tuesday, November 12th, at 6:30pm, in the Court Street Christian Church at 1699 Court Street NE.

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Curt said...

State St. at 12th is metered parking in front of the Roxy and all the spaces in your picture are full. Just sayin'.

Jim Scheppke said...

Great post! 12th Street is very interesting. Three things I think are notable: 1) the Roxy is now El Bukanazz -- they recently changed the sign. This place used to be across from the Grand Hotel and wasn't a bad taqueria at that location -- haven't been to the new one yet. It's the only taqueria in Salem named after a brand of Scotch whiskey (Buchanan's). 2) Another great taqueria is down the street at about 25th St. La Guerita (named after the owner - Mexican slang for a fair-skinned or fair-haired girl) operates rain or shine in a tent. Her tacos and tortas are really good and reasonably priced. She's very friendly too and does a good lunch business. 3) The Forest History Center on the Department of Forestry campus is a wonderful small museum in a building that was built to be the HQ of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. It is run by dedicated volunteers and ought to be better known.

Lee said...

State Street needs to be converted to two-way and the sidewalks needs some major widening from 12th to 13th or 14th. That would provide some nice outdoor seating for the business. Also there needs to be a ped crossing on 13th and State.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Ha ha! Didn't even notice the meter detail! Thanks for pointing that out.

And it's too bad the Downtown Mobility Study concepts for making Court and State two-way couldn't have been more popular - making it possible to make the join just as you say, Lee!

Thanks for the info, Jim! I like the fact there's a tacqueria practically across the street from the Adolph House - past and future of Salem right there! Sam Adolph emigrated from Berlin in 1855 and came to Salem a few years later. He was a brewer.

Anonymous said...

M. Rose tweeted out a link to an SJ story on the Ice Cream plant!

Possibly a brewery or bakery, he said!