Monday, December 1, 2014

Draft of a Project Tracker for Bike/Ped Improvements

Over Thankgiving weekend a question came to mind: Is the City of Salem just trolling us with bike/ped teases? Or should we be more thankful? Now that Bike and Walk Salem has had a chance to settle in, are we pursuing bike/ped stuff aggressively, or lackadaisically?

I'm not exactly sure the best way to configure this, so this is a draft of what I will post as a permanent page in a week or two.

The questions it seeks to answer are:
  • What are the significant bike/ped projects (or widening projects that will include meaningful new bike lane or sidewalk connections) coming up? 
  • What is their approximate cost?
  • When are they scheduled for construction?
The primary sources of information I expect will be the City's Capital Improvements Program (latest is the 2014/15 - 2018/19 document from April, 2014) and the SKATS (our local MPO) Transportation Improvement Program (latest is the FY 2015-2020 TIP).

Not all sources of information are totally consistent, so there's some uncertainty, and it will be necessary to edit/revise occasionally. Right now the regional TIP is the more recent document, so dollar amounts and construction dates will mostly come from it rather than the City's CIP.

Projects that are primarily bike/ped improvements, as opposed to widening ("modernization") that incidentally includes sidewalks and bike lanes, are in green.

See an error, have project to add, see a better way to configure the information, or just want to quibble, drop a comment. I'll incorporate criticism into a second version.

The Minto Bridge is getting closer
2015 (Year scheduled for construction)
  • Minto Bridge and Path - $7.2 million (this dollar amount is from the CIP and looks too small)
  • 25th and Madrona, and new 22nd street segment - widening, sidewalks, bike lane, the whole deal - $6 million
  • Widening McGilchrist from 12th to 25th - design only $1.2 million

2015 - 2016
  • Brown Road - sidewalks and bike lanes - $5.4 million (remember, it's multi-jurisdictional, with the County and City having chunks)
  • New striping on Church/High downtown to include bike lanes - $600,000 (this is a Downtown Advisory Board recommendation, and it's not yet incorporated formally into the CIP).
  • 12th street widening with new turn lane - to include sidewalk on 12th between Hoyt and Fairview - $2.5 million
  • Light at Union and Commercial - $1.8 million (CIP says  FY 2014/15, TIP says 2016, but the Downtown Advisory Board's info says more like 2018 - it's a little depressing to see the casual urgency, frankly) 
The City unfortunately has not updated the 2008 road bond project site. The project list hasn't been updated in several years, and there's around 20 additional projects enabled by savings when projects came in under budget because of the Great Recession. Here are projects that I believe are committed generally, but I'm not sure right now about the schedule and final budget estimates:
  • Replacement of the wood bridge across Mill Creek at Court Street between 18th and 20th.
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes at Brush College Road NW, at the school and west of Doaks Ferry Road.
  • Flashing beacon and crosswalk at Marion and 13th (notes on this one and the next three here)
  • Enlarged pedestrian median and crosswalks at Center and 13th
  • Pedestrian median at 17th and Nebraska
  • Pedestrian median and crosswalks at 17th and Mill

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Curt said...

Salem planners have trolled us for decades with unimplemented plans and bringing in planning visionaries to show us everything they DON'T intend to do in Salem. Seems to be a thing from them to put up great plans and oppose their implementation.

I can't think of one project the city has undertaken specifically to advance biking. We don't have even one complete bikeway. Just lots of bike lanes on miserable arterials and parks projects like the Minto Bridge. The only reason we have those is because state law requires them. There is no coherent strategy whatsoever.