Friday, December 5, 2014

More Pleasant than Bridge News: New Bars and Bike Locker Map

I missed GIS day at the library last month. It flew under the radar! Did you go to it?
City Staff recently shared news that one of the projects they worked on was an update to the City map of bike lockers.

New City bike locker map
Now it shows the location, and when you click on a locker site, you can see how many there are and if any are available.

There are eight at the YMCA, but all of them are in use.

Right now the information probably isn't very useful. Who's looking for a bike locker in winter?! But we'll revisit it later in the spring!

Archive's High-Brow + Low-Brow Blend Promises Great Fun
And Other Openings Too

Archive's grand opening is today in the newly renovated McGilchrist and Roth building and they're offering treats of many kinds.

Skeletonwitch + Pinot Noir? The Metallic Sommelier!

Over on High Street there's Sip Wine and Bistro and Union Barrel. Lots of pleasant gathering spots in town, new for the holidays.

With Table Five08, the Kitchen on Court Street, Gayle's Italian Market - there's a small but real wave of new food and beverage action downtown. The restaurant trade is brutal, and it's not likely that all of them will be around in a year or two. But we can hope! We can hope that this will inject new energy, draw new people, create new opportunities in downtown.

So whether you're enjoying holiday cheer, or need to drown your sorrows from bridge mania, check 'em out!

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