Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ladies-only Cleaning and Maintenance Class on Saturday

Hey, this looks pretty great!

On Saturday the 20th, folks associated with The Bike Peddler will be hosting a ladies-only cleaning and maintenance class, "Clean Your Dir-tay Girl":
We are bada** and ride regardless of weather. Mud and slime? Heck that’s a badge of honor. While we’re hardcore, our bikes would like some spa treatment every so often.

Join the Selle Salem team (aka Michelle and Robyn) on December 20 to learn how to give your bike the pampering she longs for. During our one-hour session, we’ll take you through our deep cleaning process one-step at a time until your bike glimmers and performs like the super model that she is.

What Next? Bring your bike and smile. We’ll bring the cleaning supplies, tools, and drinks.
It'll be at the Bike Peddler, 174 Commercial St NE, on Saturday the 20th, starting at 4pm.

Sounds like a fun time - and no pesky boys!

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