Sunday, January 10, 2016

Climate Change and Bikes in Today's Paper

Just glancing through the paper this morning, it seemed like non-auto travel and climate change threaded their way through a relatively high number of stories. It was great to see these themes as matter-of-fact context and reporting rather than human interest and spectacle.

Maybe 2016 will be the year that these things really start going mainstream.

Ski resorts, changing businesses, and climate change.

In a USA TODAY article on "next-gen energy" the recommendation to walk, ride a bike, or take transit.

The struggle for clean air in China.

Back to local things, the delights of urban rambles on foot or bike.

And from the piece on Tilikum Crossing comes an instance of thinking one of the most wonderful thoughts to appear in the paper in a long time: It just kindof eases you into a non-auto-centric place!
Because Tilikum Crossing doesn’t accommodate cars, it’s not easy to drive here. So start your adventure by taking the Portland Streetcar to the bridge. With the new streetcar loop, you can hop aboard at lots of places.

If you arrive by Amtrak train (a convenient option from Salem or Eugene), walk two blocks to the streetcar stop at Ninth and Broadway.
One cluster of imagery and theme in the paper isn't sufficient to prove a trend, but it certainly is a hopeful sign.

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