Monday, November 14, 2022

Driver Strikes and Kills Man Chasing Dog on I-5

A terrible cascading chain of catastrophe resulted in a driver striking a person on foot on I-5 in the north Salem area.

Milepost 259 just north of Portland Road
(State of Oregon milepost map)

from Oregon State Police:

On November 13, at approximately 1:30AM, the Oregon State Police responded to a vehicle vs pedestrian crash on I5 near MP 259.

The preliminary investigation indicated the deceased operator, Michael Ernest Summers (38) of Salem, was traveling northbound on I5 when he lost control and struck the jersey barrier for unknown reasons. Summer's dog was freed and running in the lanes of travel. Summers was chasing his dog on the roadway when he was struck by a Toyota Camry, operated by Amy Biggins (83) of Salem, traveling north on Interstate 5. Summers was pronounced deceased at the scene. The operator of the Camry remained on scene. This is an ongoing investigation.

Addendum, November 16th

The paper mystified the death a little, in the headline saying nothing about the cause of death, and in the body erasing the driver and employing the "hit by car" formula.

Yesterday's paper

By contrast, Salem Reporter indicated in the headline there was a crash, not a mysterious death of unknown cause, and avoided the "hit by car" trope, properly describing a driver operating a car at lethal speed and unintentionally causing death.

At Salem Reporter

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