Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MWVBTA to Meet at Venti's Sunday Evening

On Sunday, January 23rd, at 6pm, the MWVBTA will meet in Venti's Basement Bar.

It's going to be one topic only: What next?

And where better to talk that at Venti's with a beer!

We canceled the December meeting and at today's noon meeting started the conversation about the future of bicycle advocacy in Salem.

Change and greater independence is on the horizon, so how do we plan for it? What kind of organizational structure and affiliation with a non-profit (whether incorporated separately as our own entity or aligning with some other existing entity) will help grow bicycling in Salem best?

Are we working on the right projects? If not, what other projects should be in the mix?

What can we do to address better the needs and interests of Salem-area bicyclists?

If you're interested in bicycling in Salem, now is a great time to get involved!

Please join us!

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