Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OTC to Meet to Distribute $21M Flex Fund Program

The Oregon Transportation Commission meets next week, Wednesday, January 19th, to discuss and approve the recommended list of "Flex Fund" projects.

The Salem area has no projects on the $21M primary recommendation list and one only, a $95K solar project for Cherriots in Keizer, on the secondary list.

At one time there was talk SKATS might submit the seven Transportation Enhancement projects for consideration in the Flex Fund program, but this appears not to have happened, and no Salem-area agency is listed as submitting any bike projects. Cherriots submitted three projects for about $100K each, and one was on the secondary list.

The primary list includes $2M for a Portland project to connect Swan Island to the inner northeast neighborhoods, and almost $3M for three Eugene projects, including improvements to the Fern Ridge Path.

OTC agenda here.

Flex Funds packet here.

More on the Flex Funds program generally

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