Thursday, May 26, 2016

Parking Craters and the Buildings that Preceded Them

With that 1961 aerial in mind, here are 10 downtown buildings we have lost to demolition, often a loss from fire. They weren't rebuilt and are car parking now. (Just a sort of now-and-then photo essay for the moment.)

Downtown historic district with several
parking lot sites numbered
The Chemeketa Parkade
(Sites 1 and 2)

SE Corner of Chemeketa and Commercial, then and now
Then: Eldridge Block circa 1940, Salem Library
Inset, today: Chemeketa Parkade
(Click to enlarge)

Hotel Argo (Salem Library Historic Photos)

Same site today - streetview

Lots at State Street and High Street
(Sites 3, 4, and 5) 

McGilchrist and Bligh buildings, early 1940s
(Salem Library Historic Photos)

Approximate same view - the Bligh's footprint is a parking lot
via Streetview

State Hotel Fire, 1966 (Salem Library Historic Photos)

Same view today - streetview

High Street at Court, circa 1912
Simonton Motor Company building behind railcar

Same view, today, Hotel and Grand Theater on right
Commercial Street between Court and State
(sites 6 and 7)

Most of these buildings are gone now
Commercial Street, 1966: UO Library

Same view today - streetview

Griswold-Murphy block, 1940 (Salem Library Historic Photos)

Same site today - streetview
Chemeketa Between High and Liberty
(sites 8 and 9) 

Old City Hall and Derby Building in Distance
(Looking SE-ish from north side of Chemeketa and High)
Salem Library Historic Photos

Same view today - streetview

Capital Journal on Chemeketa, 1953
(Salem Library Historic Photos)

Same view today - streetview
The Holman Building and Marion Car Park 
(site 10)

Holman Building demolished for
Marion Car Park (bottom)
SHINE: 1950


Jim Scheppke said...

The new urbanist and social critic James Howard Kunstler (author of the indispensable Geography of Nowhere), has a name for these sites that can ruin a downtown and almost have, in our case. He calls them "missing teeth"! Thanks for this documentation. Let these be the last of the missing teeth in downtown Salem please.

Unknown said...

Don't forget the Capitol Theater on State St, also now a parking lot