Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Interested in Leisurely Neighborly Bike Rides? Check out Slow Roll Salem!

Remember the Apple ad about Slow Roll Detroit?

Folks from the Salem Bike Boulevard Advocates are gauging interest in a Slow Roll Salem!

They've got a pretty detailed survey going. Check it out and let them know your interests.

There have been intermittent efforts to do something like this over the last few years, but the stars haven't aligned with a critical mass of people as participants and as ride leaders.
Salem Bike Boulevard Advocates is creating a bicycling group to encourage and accompany folks who are interested in bicycling but nervous about riding with traffic. We plan to go on short, slow group rides modeled after the group Slow Roll Detroit. Our rides will welcome all ages and abilities. This survey will give us information about what kinds of bicycling people are interested in, which will help us plan rides that people want to go on. Our goal is to provide education and fun and while building community and political support for bicycle transportation. Thank you for participating in our survey!
Maybe this is the year it comes together!

Check out the survey and let 'em know! It could be really, really fun.

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