Monday, March 7, 2016

West Salem Neighborhood Association to talk Wallace Undercrossing Monday

The West Salem Neighborhood Association meets tonight, Monday the 7th, and on the agenda is more discussion of the proposed underpass along Second Street under Wallace Road.
Keith Keever Salem Parks Discussion - Mt. View Reservoir Property & How to develop a Master Plan; Wallace Rd. Underpass Feasibility Study – More options than one
It would be a little odd for Keith Keever to comment on the transportation planning, so I suspect this is actually two separate agenda items with two different speakers.

What are the "other options" for crossing Wallace Road?
Underpass concept via City of Salem FB
It is interesting that "More options than one" is specifically called out for the crossing - that will be something to watch. It had seemed that the undercrossing concept was mostly settled now. This was on the agenda last month, but maybe there is new information or they ran out of time.

There will also be discussion of a use for eminent domain:
Possible initiation of Condemnation for the Acquisition of Certain Property Rights located at 1710 Wallace Rd NW
This parcel is directly in line with Hope Avenue, and so while it may just be coincidence, it is also a little suspicious in light of the plans for the Third Bridge.

That matter will go before Council on the 14th, so this could be helpful background.

The West Salem Neighborhood Association meeting is at 7pm at Roth’s West, Mezzanine level, at 1130 Wallace Rd NW, tonight, Monday the 7th.


Not transportation related, but a little interesting for historical reasons, at SCAN on Wednesday the 9th, they'll get a presentation on the 20th anniversary of Howard Charter School.

First Leslie Junior High School, 1937
The school's architect, Lyle Bartholomew, is responsible for several very nice brick buildings around town and doesn't get the name-recognition or attention he probably deserves.

I don't believe this building has received a seismic retrofit, so in a very general way not doing so is an example of a potential opportunity cost when we choose to super-size a police station or a giant bridge and highway. When we overbuild in places, we are less able and less willing to remedy underbuilt places.

The South Central Association of Neighbors meets Wednesday the 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the South Salem High School Library, 1910 Church St SE.


The other neighborhood associations meeting this week have several little additional bits percolating that might be of interest. If you aren't already tuned in to your local neighborhood association, consider finding yours and attending. Though this is not always true - and there have been some problems with this, in fact - many times an issue will hit the neighborhood association before it goes to the Planning Commission or City Council. They're also a place to originate projects. The State Street Study, for example, originated in conversations during the NEN-SESNA neighborhood plan process.

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It would be great to hear what happened at the meeting. If someone was there, could they post a summary. Thanks.