Thursday, March 31, 2016

Make Sure Battle Creek Park has Good Paths

The City is close to completing a Master Plan for Fairview Park, and while it seemed like a pump track there might have been a good idea, it was not as popular as a dog park concept, and the dog park carried the day. That was just fine.

The City is now undertaking a master planning process for Battle Creek Park, and there is an important need here that people who walk and bike should insist on.

Connectivity here in this area is problematic. It is important that the park have inviting edges and a strong path system for both north-south and east-west movement.

(The problem at Fairview was less connectivity across or within the parcel than connectivity to the parcel, since most of the land is not yet developed. There are meaningfully different structural problems in play here.)

The City has a preliminary survey out, so check it out and let them know about connectivity - and whatever else strikes your fancy!

Public meetings will start in May.

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