Sunday, April 22, 2012

City Council - April 23rd - Eola Ridge and Minto Parks

City Council on Monday looks to have a quiet agenda for transportation. Curt Fisher will be sitting in for Councilor Tesler, as she can not attend the meeting!

The City recommends Council adopt the new Eola Ridge Park Master Plan. When construction happens, it may be necessary to make sure there are curb cuts located reasonably close the the walkways so that folks in the bike lane on Eola Drive can access the connection through to Burley Hill - the site of a missing bike lane!

The Urban Renewal Agency proposes to apply for a $60,000 Brownfield Redevelopment Grant for the Minto Path and Bridge. The City proper also proposes to apply for up to $1.6 million as part of a Willamette Valley Wildlife Mitigation Program grant to buy land or an easement on property around the bridge and path.

The City proposes to authorize hiring a firm to stabilize Courthouse Square.

The City proposes to activate two "sidewalk construction deferral agreements" along the Eola Drive NW widening project that is part of the road bond construction. As part of construction permits issued before the bond, applicants were required to build sidewalks - but in order to do so in a more coordinated fashion, the required construction can be deferred, and the City is proposing to end the deferrals and require construction, as the right time to build is in conjunction with the bond project. (One segment, and another segment.)

 Information Report on the new Cherry City Derby Girls facility (see earlier discussion here).

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