Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vision 2020 Catches Up

The Vision 2020 Bike/Ped group hadn't met in Pringle Hall since the flooding in January. The hall had been cleaned and you wouldn't know that muddy water had flowed through the hall! (Image: City of Salem)

Mostly it was a check-in and update kind of meeting. Lots of small things, but no real big things.
  1. The last Council agenda had the provisional date for Bike and Walk Salem. Now there's a few more details:
    • May 4th - Future Report
    • May 14th - First Reading
    • June 11th - Public Hearing
  2. The Central Salem Mobility Study Request for Proposals is circulating; a qualified vendor will be selected shortly and then a contract agreed upon thereafter.
  3. We looked at a bike map mock-up. Cherriots Rideshare is funding an intial print run of 2500. It may be done in time for the Active Transportation Summit.
  4. The Hospital and SCAN have landed on a compromise for the parking lot at the Blind School. In the current proposal on the table there's no driveway or curb cut on Church Street, and instead there is one on Mission. Folks are working on aligning it with one of the driveways into Bush Park.
  5. City staff looked at the Winter Street bridge over Shelton Ditch and are working on a new barricade and cone plan. Lots of people in cars and on motorcycles are trying to sneak through, and apparently there's not a MUTCD sign that says "bikes only." If you know of an MUTCD approved sign for bike/ped only traffic, chime in! (It's interesting to note, thought, that lots of people in motor vehicles don't seem to be able to obey the signs!)
  6. In addition signing to the Winter Street route a connection to the Kroc center along 24th has also recently been signed. There are also new staple racks being installed in various places around town.
  7. The consultants for the Kroc Center access study were visiting the site while we were meeting.
  8. The Rivercrossing draft Environmental Impact Statement is scheduled for an April 20th release. There will be a 60 day comment period.
  9. SKATS authorized $50,000 and the West Salem Urban Renewal Area is also kicking in completion funding for the path between the Union St. RR Bridge and Glen Creek Road. The archeological assessment is also complete and is no longer holding things up.
Did I forget anything?

Update, Sunday morning!

A traffic engineer sends this sign as MUTCD approved!


Walker said...

"The Rivercrossing draft Environmental Impact Statement is scheduled for an April 20th release. There will be a 60 day comment period."

A delicious irony, releasing that so near Earth Day.

As Salem slashes library hours, SK schools lay off librarians and teachers, it's good to know that local governments have the right priorities: promoting sprawl and subsidizing the 1% who own airplanes.

Chris Jones said...

I don't know about the MUTCD, but there are plenty of "Do Not Enter" signs with an "Except Bicycles" sign below them. Here's one on Flickr:

That would probably work. You can see them at the entrance to bicycle boulevards, where auto traffic is one way (out of the boulevard) and bike traffic is two-way.