Saturday, April 14, 2012

In the News: Susan Miller on Path System

In today's paper Susan Miller pens a paean to paths and shares her enthusiasm for the greenway project!
I love walking the parks and greenways in the center of Salem.

Did you know that we have beautiful paths connecting Bush’s Pasture Park and Pringle Park to Riverfront Park and to Willamette University and the Capitol Mall?

Following Pringle Creek and the Mill Race, the paved paths go under busy streets and away from traffic. They are quiet places to ramble and enjoy some urban nature. I have seen bluebirds, warblers and even pileated woodpeckers along the water in the middle of the city.


Curt said...

Nice profile on Alyssa also. They buried the lead but it still there:

Part of Alyssa’s motivation for owning Gov Cup, she said, is that it allows her to be a part of what she sees as the progress of downtown into somewhere more livable and vibrant.

“I’m really, really excited about where (Salem) is going, especially downtown,” she said. “I see the potential — there are really, really good people here, all actively thinking outside the box.”

Someday, she said, she hopes to sell her coffee wholesale to local businesses. She hopes more people will bike downtown. She hopes that others will follow her lead in putting their mark on downtown.

“I want to encourage other young people to think, ‘Maybe I’ll stick around.’ ”

Hey,hey! Ho, ho! Those extra lanes have got to go!

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

You saw it too! Hopefully lots of folks do.