Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Profile: Cloyd and the Gov's Cup Boost Biking Downtown

Most Sundays - maybe every Sunday - the Statesman has profiled someone interesting in town. This week K. Williams Brown writes about a bikey business owner, Alyssa Cloyd owner of B on B sponsor The Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters!

In the piece Cloyd talks about roasting with a vintage cast iron drum roaster and the path that led her to coffee and owning the business.

But perhaps the most interesting are her reflections on creating a more vibrant downtown!
Part of Alyssa’s motivation for owning Gov Cup, she said, is that it allows her to be a part of what she sees as the progress of downtown into somewhere more livable and vibrant.
“I’m really, really excited about where (Salem) is going, especially downtown,” she said. “I see the potential — there are really, really good people here, all actively thinking outside the box.”

Someday, she said, she hopes to sell her coffee wholesale to local businesses. She hopes more people will bike downtown. She hopes that others will follow her lead in putting their mark on downtown. [italics added!]
At a neighborhood association meeting a couple of months ago, Cloyd talked about promoting bicycling to downtown from close-in neighborhoods as an important part of better managing car parking in downtown and making it easy for people to choose not to drive. She had talked to other businesses and gathered a petition.

Stuff like this makes a difference!

Thanks, Alyssa!

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