Monday, April 9, 2012

Signs of Change? A Lime Singlespeed and the Bike Snob Could Promise Big Summer

The weekend brought a couple of sightings from urban bike culture and its diffusion into popular culture! Hitherto obscure, at least here, perhaps now they will become more common?!

This lime singlespeed with wood fenders was locked up downtown, and maybe a little like Dorothy I wanted to say, "We're not in Salem any more!"

On Sunday the Statesman picked up off the wire a review of the Bike Snob's new book.

That this seemed relevant to the SJ editorial team seems remarkable. Signs of a tipping point? One can only hope for a big, bikey summer!


Curt said...

I see this one locked in front of Willamette Law. Look at the street behind. Empty lanes, empty parking spaces.

Curt said...

Talk about serendipity! I'm taking pictures of the Winter St. bridge during the morning commute and there it is. I get back from my meeting with Carole and there it is cruising right by my house! The signs are everywhere people. I shall now call him Kermit.