Monday, April 30, 2012

In the News: Low-Car Bike Commuters talk Benefits

This is pretty great! On the same day as the Monster Cookie, the SJ doubled up and wrote about commuting and utility cycling.

In Sunday's paper, Salem Bicycle Club leaders in car free days talk about bikes.
The top three finishers in the Salem Bicycle Club’s recent annual “Carless Days” awards collectively logged 435 days during the course of a year without turning a key in an ignition.

Bob Luoma was the winner with 173, Doug Parrow was three behind at 170 and Joanne Heilinger, the top woman, had 92, although she also kept track of “bikeless” days, 24 in all during the same span.
Along with Cliff Boley of ODOT they talked about weather, bird-watching, nature, changing seasons; picking routes, establishing a routine; safety; weight loss and fitness; saving money; and freedom, especially from congestion.

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