Monday, October 10, 2016

Climate Change Talk Wednesday Conflicts with UGB Hearing on SRC

In an odd instance of scheduling, a little bit of inversion of the "think globally, act locally" credo, Willamette University Sustainability Institute and Chemeketa Community College are sponsoring a talk about climate change and equity at the very same time as the Public Hearing for the proposed expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary for the Salem River Crossing.

On any other day, a talk titled "Achieving Climate Equity through Institutional Change" could be very interesting.

Draft EIS, Chapter 3.4
on Environmental Justice
But there are very real questions about Equity and Environmental Justice posed by the Preferred Alternative, and the latest Energy assessment says it will consume the energy equivalent of 20 million gallons of gas to construct and then every year drivers will consume the equivalent of about 4 million gallons of gas MORE than they would under the No Build conditions.

So the SRC is also very bad for greenhouse gas emissions, and stopping it seems like a worthy goal for local advocates working on climate change and environmental justice.

The scheduling seems just a little strange, then, though you can't always choose when speakers are available, etc., etc.

The talk will be at 6:30pm on the WU Campus, in Ford Hall, Room: 102, the Kremer Board Room.

The next night, Thursday the 13th, there is a panel discussion on local advocacy:
Hear from representatives of five local and statewide groups making a difference, and how you can get involved. The panel will be moderated by WU Economics Professor Emeritus Russ Beaton. Speakers include:
  • Gregory Monahan, PhD Chair, Beyond Gas and Oil Team Oregon Sierra Club
  • Laurie Dougherty Co-Coordinator Salem
  • Tamara Staton Regional Coordinator for the Greater Pacific Northwest Citizens Climate Lobby
  • Shilpa Joshi Organizing Director Renew Oregon
  • Nic Shipley President Students for Divestment at Willamette University
It will also be at 6:30pm on the WU Campus in Ford Hall, Room: 122, the Film Studies Auditorium.

Ford Hall is the copper-clad new building next to Gatke Hall (the old Post Office) and across from the Supreme Court building on State Street.

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Laurie Dougherty said...

Having been somewhat involved in plannong for the talk at Willamette, I think the date was chosen before the SRC joint hearing was scheduled, at least before I knew about the hearing.