Thursday, January 10, 2019

Salem Poised to Win on One of their Three Safe Routes to Schools Applications

Earlier this month ODOT announced the short list of winning applications for Safe Routes to School funding.

The project at Liberty Elementary was the winner
You might recall back in October that the City to applied for a little over $1 Million in funding for several projects on the new Safe Routes to Schools funding program:
  • Liberty Road S: Install a pedestrian median island on Liberty Road S at Liberty Elementary School. Estimated project cost is $175,000.
  • Macleay Road SE: Install missing sidewalk on the west side of Macleay Road SE, serving Miller Elementary School and Houck Middle School. Estimated project cost is $430,000.
  • Kuebler Boulevard S and Skyline Road S: Install pedestrian median islands on Kuebler Boulevard S at Croisan Scenic Way S, and Skyline Road S at Croisan Scenic Way S, serving Schirle Elementary School, Sprague High School, and Crossler Middle School. Estimated project cost is $445,000.
The Oregon Transportation Commission will adopt the funding list at their next meeting on January 17th and Salem has the Liberty Elementary School project on the list.

Salem looks to win a grant for an enhanced crosswalk
at Liberty School
Back in October, it seemed like winning more than one of the three projects was very unlikely, and winning one is indeed what is recommended.

Could put the crosswalk and median at the front door!
It's not exactly clear where the crosswalk and median would go, but certainly at the front door would be a candidate. Existing crosswalks at Boone Road and Skyline Road are a ways away.

The total demand for funding was something like 10x the available funding, and it is possible that the 2019 Legislature will consider boosting it.

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