Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Walnut by old Carnegie Library to be Removed

The tree in early May 2013
CANDO is reporting that the Walnut at the old Carnegie Library on the Winter Street side has been posted for removal this week. It has been in decline for several years, probably from that Thousand Cankers disease carried by the Walnut Twig Beetle.

Streetview from June 2018 shows its decline

The tree much smaller in 1911, detail
(Salem Library Historic Photos)
It was a great tree. By itself and out of context, there are finer trees around town, but together with the Library, it was a great match. It was always so pleasing to walk by it and under it.

There is no permit referenced on the notice, and the City's database doesn't list a permit application, so apparently there is no formal process required to cut it down.

via Facebook
It is the last of the big trees there.

In 1955 there were a couple more of them
(Salem Library Historic Photos)
The new Cherry trees are ok, but they lack the grandeur of the big tree.

The decline and die-off between the 2013 and 2018 images is clear, alas. It is not at all obvious that the City shouldn't go ahead and replace it, and this does not seem to be a case of the City carelessly arguing for tree removal. Still, it's a sad moment, and if you are out-and-about nearby, take a last stroll or ride under it soon!

Addendum, January 12th

Here is was yesterday, and very soon it will be totally gone! (But if the tree is diseased, the sawdust, larger debris, and log sections may not be adequately isolated. This does not look like careful tree removal hygiene.)

Only the trunk is left (January 11th)


Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

It may not be a Walnut! On FB arborist Elwood writes:

"Just went and looked at the tree it's not a walnut it's an oak and the tree has been in decline for a long time the tree is not at Willamette University it is on city right away property."

Susann Kaltwasser said...

thanks for those old pictures of the Library. I used to wait for the City bus under those trees back in 1956 to 1964.

In their case I believe they had to go because the roots were actually pushing the wall over and probably pushing on the foundation of the building itself. But in this case, I do not think it is the case.

It is sad to see ones own life experiences be lost!

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Added photo mid-removal.