Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Downtown Mobility Study Kicks-Off Wednesday

It's an exciting time for downtown streets.

The Downtown Partnership has a strong early-stage draft proposal on the table for changing some of the downtown streets, and the Central Salem Mobility Study's advisory committee meets for the first time on Wednesday morning.

The Partnership leads with a vision, and the Study offers a technical, political, and planning process. The two pieces are complimentary, not competitive, and strong plans can emerge from the twin conversations.

The ingredients for real change are right there! We just have to get over the hump of inertia and fear.

On Weekends, Church Street is Deserted - There's Plenty of Capacity!
The study's goals are to:
  • Improve pedestrian and bike access to the Union Street Railroad Bridge.
  • Convert selected streets to two-way operation (High, Court, Church, State, and/or Cottage Streets).
  • Improve street circulation and access for large blocks in north downtown.  (Union Street to Market Street).
  • Develop projects to support Family Friendly Bikeways (Union and/or Chemeketa Streets).
  • Develop pedestrian safety and circulation improvements at closed crosswalks or double turn lanes.
The Stakeholder Advisory Committee, with "representation from the major downtown employers, businesses, and major institutions" according to the City, meets Wednesday at 10am (agenda here). They'll briefly review the Downtown Strategic Action Plan, Sustainable Cities Initiative study, and Bike and Walk Salem, as well as looking at an overview of the study itself.

Bon Voyage!


Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

The SAC roster has been posted to the web. There are a number of folks who bike on it, and significant employer/business interests are represented as well. It looks like a good group who should be able to land on proposals that represent real change.

Jim Bauer, Willamette University
Jason Brandt, Salem Chamber of Commerce
Darrin Brightman, Oregon Department of Administrative Services
Rebekah Engle, CAN DO Neighborhood Association
Paul Gehlar, Downtown Advisory Board
Cara Kaser, Grant Neighborhood Association
Eric Kittleson, Salem Downtown Partnership
Alex Phillips, Oregon State Parks and Recreation
Ken Simila, NEN Neighborhood Association
Kenji Sugahara, Citizen Advisory Traffic Commission (CATC)
Dana Vugteveen, Salem Center
Cynthia Wagner, Salem Hospital

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Reps from Cherriots are also on the technical committee, and at Breakfast yesterday folks mentioned another strong benefit to more of a two-way grid: Buses and freight deliveries can make more right-hand turns and less weaving to make left-hand turns. More efficient and safer for everybody.