Friday, September 14, 2012

Franklin's Bottle Shop Joins other Bikey Businesses Downtown

While we struggle with making change at the City, the slow tide of change moves on, and it may be that new businesses and new thinking will finally create change from the bottom-up.

You already know about Venti's and the Governor's Cup as bike friendly businesses.

There's a new one you should know about!

"The Stable" at Franklin's Bottle Shop

Franklin's Bottle Shop is a new bar, and owner Nick Lopez has made it clear bikes are welcome!

And as downtown adds bike-friendly businesses, one-by-one, the momentum for change, already irreversible, will finally attain critical mass.

So after On Your Feet Friday, consider checking them out. I'm sure you'll be thirsty!

They're located half a block north of the Reed Opera House on Liberty.

(For more on OYFF, see NW Kid Chaser for some cheers on it!)


Anonymous said...

Franklin's just closed. Maybe a "taphouse" is going in next...

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Thanks for the update. The SJ has a piece online this evening - maybe for the print edition tomorrow - that confirms a taphouse is replacing Franklin's.