Friday, September 7, 2012

ODOT Hosts Open House for Building Renovation Saturday

For about two years, Department of Transportation employees have been exiled from the 1951 T-Building while it undergoes some much needed renovation.

Their exile sent them out to generic big box warehouse/office buildings out near the airport in the Fairview Industrial Park.

Happily the renovation is complete, many (but not all) employees have moved back, and ODOT is hosting an Open House tomorrow from 10am to noon!

I'm looking forward to seeing the new bike parking and the implied level of commitment to active transportation - both outside for the public, and inside for employees. I have dreams of seeing not just a few bikes locked up, but a tens, even hundreds of bikes in and around the Transportation Building! But I worry more thought will have been given to low-flush toilets than bike parking and showers.  (It will be a sad irony if the Department of Transportation gives more thought to storm and waste water than to employee transportation.)

I'm also looking foward to the public art. Earlier in the year Bonnie Hull had a preview of it as her husband, retired Art Professor Roger Hull, was part of the group working on the 1% for art. Michael Brophy, whose work you may remember from the the Environmental Art show at Hallie Ford from a few years ago, has placed several works in the new building.

Glowing Elevator Pod
at the T-Building
There's also decoration or art for more structural elements, as well.

I'm very curious about the glowing elevator pod!

I hope also to duck into the library. At the beginning of the move, I spent the afternoon with Sheila Lyons looking at some historical materials.

This progress report from 1972 was fascinating!

Sadly, it does not seem to have been funded for on-going compilation. Review and assessment for bike facilities has not developed in a meaningful way, and too often we don't know how well things are or are not working.

In any event, the Open House will be interesting. So check out the new building!

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